Terms and Conditions

By registering on, paying for and participating in a course with Captivate Action Ltd. (Europe) and/or Captivate Action Pty. Ltd. (Australia) you are agreeing with our Course Terms and Conditions, as detailed below.

Please make sure you read all the Terms and Conditions carefully, and that you fully understand them before submitting your registration form.  Please confirm you have read and accepted the terms and conditions in the text box provided on the registration form.  If you have any questions please do get in touch and we will be happy to help.

By submitting the registration form you will reserve a conditional place on your selected course, which can only be fully confirmed on receipt of full payment.  Delayed payment of course fees may result in loss of your booking if participant numbers are limited.

For these terms and conditions, Captivate Action refers to Captivate Action Ltd. in the U.K., and Captivate Action Pty. Ltd. in Australia.

(1).  Captivate Action workshops are inclusive environments, where all students should feel safe and respected at all times. Captivate Action has a strict policy to treat all students equally irrespective of their gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, nationality, race, religious beliefs, origins, spent convictions or disabilities.  It is expected that all our students adopt a similar policy.  Students who display intolerant or harassing behaviour towards other students will be asked to leave the session and possibly the course, at the discretion of the tutor and Captivate Action.  Students are required to respect the physical, emotional, mental and sexual safety of all those at the event at all times.  Those who do not will be asked to leave to event, at the discretion of the tutor and Captivate Action.  Any student asked to leave under any of the above circumstances will not be entitled to any form of refund.  Captivate Action invites all event participates to report any threatening or ‘unsafe’ behaviour to a tutor, assistant or director; and talk with, call or email their tutor, classroom assistant, or our company director if they have any other concerns.  Due to the nature of workshop content, we may approach scenes, topics or actions that can feel threatening or triggering to some participants.  While this is conducted with direct intent to preserve each participants’ feelings of safety, we encourage all students to open communication with us before, during and after workshops if they are concerned that course content has caused or may cause any distress.

(2). All dramatic combat courses are taught by professional teachers of dramatic combat, as certified by a professional body such as the Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc. and/or the British Academy of Dramatic Combat and/or the Academy of Performance Combat or equivalent.

(3).  Captivate Action does not offer refunds in any circumstances, apart from those relating to Covid-19 (see below). Deferment may be offered in certain cases, to an equivalent course of equal value. A Deferment Application must be completed and received by Captivate Action before the commencement date of the course from which a student would like to defer.  A Deferred place must be redeemed within a 12 month period from the agreed deferment date.  Captivate Action cannot guarantee a subsequent equivalent course will be offered within this timeframe.  The offer of a deferment is completely at the discretion of Captivate Action and this decision is final.  A place on a Captivate Action course is only fully confirmed on receipt of all payments; if only a partial payment has been made before the course commencement date your place may be offered to another student, in which case any payments made will not be refundedIf you need to cancel your attendance for Covid-19-related reasons (eg. if you or a contact is showing symptoms of Covid-19;  if you have been in contact with a person diagnosed with Covid-19 in the preceding 14 days; if you have been overseas or in a government-declared Covid-19 Hot Spot in the preceding 14 days;  if you are asked to self-isolate or quarantine; if government restrictions prevent you from accessing the workshop) a full refund will be made available or you may transfer your place to a subsequent equivalent course, within 1 year of the original course date.  If a student misses individual classes in a long-term course for reasons relating to Covid-19, a partial refund is not available.  If a participant cannot attend an event for any reason, they are asked to notify Captivate Action ASAP, so that their event place can be released to other participants.

(4). Captivate Action reserves the right to alter course times, to alter course content, to change tutors, to add classes and to cancel classes due to any unavoidable and/or unforeseen circumstances.

(5). Captivate Action reserves the right to refuse admission or tuition, and terminate a student’s contract at any time, at the discretion of the tutor and the company.

(6). Participation as a student in this or any Captivate Action course does not certify or qualify any student to work as a fight director, fight arranger, fight choreographer, teacher of dramatic combat, movement director, movement tutor, performance capture/motion capture director or performance capture/motion capture tutor.Students are strongly cautioned regarding the Health and Safety responsibilities and implications of taking on these roles, and of the risk of injury to any participants if these roles are undertaken with inadequate training.  The role of a fight director or tutor requires years of focused training in order to satisfy both safety and creative aspects of the role.  If any student would like to pursue a career in this fight direction and/or stage combat tuition, please contact the Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc., British Academy of Dramatic Combat, the Academy of Performance Combat, or other equivalent industry-recognised Dramatic Combat certification body.

(7). Copyright: It is an infringement of copyright to reproduce, communicate, publish or perform all or a part of a choreography or workshop content taught on any Captivate Action course, unless Captivate Action has given direct written permission.  This includes recreating material for a show, film, workshop or demonstration; and/or posting material in reels and/or online.  If permission is given for you to use material taught at this workshop, you must credit the Tutor who created the material and Captivate Action.  If other participants are present in any images or footage you wish to use, you must also gain their consent for image release.

(7). Injuries: Training in dramatic combat involves strenuous physical activity, which inherently carries the risk of physical injury including (although not limited to) abrasions; lacerations; soft tissue injuries such as bruising, tears, sprains or avulsions; skeletal fractures; joint dislocations; eye injuries; hearing impairment.  The student must inform Captivate Action Ltd. of any injury, medical condition or medication which may affect their ability to perform dramatic combat, or which may cause injury to themselves or others.  Captivate Action Ltd. will take every precaution reasonable to minimise the risk of injuries.  The student must assume the risk and responsibility of all injuries to themselves and will therefore hold Captivate Action Ltd., its employees and agents harmless from any and all liability due to injuries suffered, or caused by third parties, arising out of activities involving Dramatic Combat.  Students are expected at all times to conduct themselves and their training in a safe manner that is respectful to the teacher and other students.  Dangerous, negligent or careless behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated, and may result in your exclusion from the class, at the teacher’s discretion.

For Certification Courses with the British Academy of Dramatic Combat:

  1. To be considered for a BADC Certification, students must attend a minimum of 40 hours tuition on a particular course.  If you know you cannot attend all classes you must inform your teacher as soon as possible.  If you miss a class and do not ‘make-up’ extra tuition hours you may not qualify to take your BADC exam, at the discretion of the teacher.  Extra tuition hours in addition to the programmed course time will incur an additional fee which covers tuition time and expenses.
  2. In all circumstances your teacher will inform you whether you are ready to take a BADC exam, regardless of the number of tuition hours completed, on which the teacher’s decision is final.  In some circumstances some students may be advised that they need more training before taking their exam.
  3. Full course attendance and exam attendance does not guarantee an exam pass and certification.
  4. All BADC-affiliated courses are taught by current BADC-certified Teachers of Dramatic Combat
  5. The certification examination is conducted by an independent BADC Examiner.  Exam fees are not included in the course fee and are payable separately.
  6. Passing a BADC Certification in Dramatic Combat performances does not qualify you to teach dramatic combat or work as a fight choreographer.  For further information on the Teacher Training programme and all BADC Certification levels, please visit the BADC website.  www.badc.org.uk
  7. Any disputes regarding an exam certification result will be forwarded to the relevant independent examiner from the BADC.

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Captivate Action Pty. Ltd. Registered Company in Australia.  ABN 83606311415