Lyndall Grant

Fight Director. Movement Director. Motion Capture Specialist. Aerialist.


Founding Company Director. Full list of credits.

Lyndall is a Fight Director and Movement Director for Stage, Screen and Performance Capture (Motion Capture). She has over 12 years experience in directing and teaching stage combat and movement in Australia, the U.K., North America, Scandinavia and Continental Europe; and works regularly as Fight Director for the Melbourne Theatre Company and Malthouse Theatre in Australia.

Lyndall is a member of the Society of Australian Fight Directors inc. (SAFDi) and certified Teacher with the British Academy of Dramatic Combat (BADC). Until 2018 she was the Tutor in Theatre and Stage Combat at the Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne), before temporarily leaving this position to work as Movement Captain, actor and aerialist in Melbourne’s production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. As a movement practitioner, her specialist interest area is in character transformation into human, animal and fantasy creatures.

Lyndall trained as an actor at London’s ArtsEd School of Acting. As such her methodology in direction and teaching action is story-lead, and she works closely with directors and actors to create dynamic and character-driven scenes.

Photo credit: Mark Hrkac

Lyndall has a deep understanding of movement, in particular in functional biomechanics and physical story-telling – from the nuanced to the large-scale. With a strong background in gymnastics, acrobatics, dance, martial arts, aerial (harness) performance, national-level sports and medical science, Lyndall efficiently connects each actor with technical actions safely and expressively. Her particular strength is her understanding and empathy for each individual actor – their strengths, their movement patterns, their acting choices – and how to assist each person in reaching their best performance.

Recent fight directing and movement directing credits include An American in Paris (GWB/Australia Ballet), As You Like It (Melbourne Theatre Company), Berlin (MTC), Because the Night (Malthouse Theatre), The Lifespan of a Fact (MTC), Punk Rock (45 Downstairs), Cosi (Sydney Theatre Company/MTC), Lord of the Flies (STC), Cloudstreet (Malthouse Theatre), Il Viaggio a Reims (Australian Opera), Vivid White (MTC), The Achitect (MTC), Storm Boy (MTC), Astroman (MTC), Melbourne Talam (MTC), Hungry Ghosts (MTC), Minnie and Liraz (MTC), Straight White Males (MTC), Lohengrin (Melbourne Opera), Wind in the Willows (Rose Theatre Kingston, U.K.), Alice in Winterland (RTK), The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (RTK).