Performers: Motion Capture, Stage and Screen

Captivate draws on an ensemble of elite Performing Artists.  We are happy to assist you in finding the right artist for your project for stage, screen and performance capture.

Each is highly-skilled in their specialisation area.  What makes our physical performers unique is that they are also trained actors – so they deliver a complete performance for a range of scenes, while being responsive to precise technical direction.

Our team includes:

Martial artists 
Actor Combatants and Fight Performers
Movement Performers
Stunt Performers
Circus Artists
Freerunners / Parkour Artists
Historical Swordsmasters
Aerial / wire-work Performers
Military Personnel

If you are looking for a performer please get in touch with our Director, Lyndall:

  • Photo:  Lyndall Grant, Fight Director, Fight Performer, Movement Performer
  • Photographer: Ben Porter