ACTION TRAINING: Workshops & Courses

Captivate Action offers a range of movement and action performance workshops regularly- from training in motion capture, to stage combat, clowning, dance, movement, and a variety of other physical performance skills. 

Motion Capture training is through our Mocap Experience Melbourne (Australia) and Performance Capture Intensive (U.K.) courses.  This training is unique in both countries, and is created to give you the skills and knowledge you need for working in Motion Capture.

Dramatic Combat includes one-day workshops or weekenders, evening classes, intensive courses, and industry-endorsed certification courses.

Our Specialist Workshops run regularly, with a different specialist-tutor each session.  These classes are created to develop skills in movement and physical story-telling for any medium.

So what would you like?

Motion CaptureDramatic CombatSpecialist Workshops

We are also always happy to tailor a training day on request for individuals, groups, casts or leaning institutions.


Stage Combat Foundations Course – Melbourne, Australia, Thursday evenings, 25th April – 27th June 2024. BOOKINGS NOW OPEN.

Stage Combat Drop-In Sessions– Melbourne, Australia. Thursday evenings, 15th February to 21st March 2024. BOOKINGS NOW OPEN.

Fight the Good Fight Intensive Course HOBART – Hobart, Tasmania. Monday 29th January to Friday 2nd February 2024.

London New Year Bash – London, U.K. Saturday 13th January 2024. BOOKINGS NOW OPEN.

Film Fighting Weekender – Melbourne Australia. Next course Autumn 2024.

Melbourne Mocap Weekender – Melbourne, Australia. Next Course 2024.


Find out about all our Training and Casting Opportunities as they launch:

UK Opportunities:

Australian Opportunities:


Fight the Good Fight Stage Combat Intensive – Melbourne, Australia, 17th – 21st April 2023

Fightastic Birthday Workshop – London, U.K., 8th July 2023.

Bendigo SwashbucklingBendigo, Australia. Saturday 27th August 2022

Hobart Stage Combat Weekender – Hobart, Australia, Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st August 2022

Fight the Good Fight Stage Combat Intensive – Melbourne, Australia, Monday 4th to Friday 8th July 2022

Lancaster Stage Combat Intensive: BADC Standard Certification Course– Lancaster, U.K, Tuesday 31st May – Sunday 5th June 2022

Northern Onslaught – Preston, U.K. Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st November 2021

Finding Your Form Online Session – Worldwide (Zoom), Wednesday 29th September 2021 (check local times)

FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT Dramatic Combat Intensive – Melbourne, Australia, 29th March – 2nd April 2021.

Longsword for Stage – Melbourne, Australia, Sunday 10th January 2021.

REAL.MESSY.  Stage Combat Workshop with N-J Price – Melbourne, Australia, 19th January 2020

FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT Stage Combat Intensive – Melbourne, Australia.  22nd – 26th April 2019

WILL HAVE BLOOD – STAGE BLOOD AND FIGHT FX – Melbourne, Australia.  5th August 2018


BADC AUTUMN INTENSIVE – London, U.K. 13th to 24th November 2017.

FIGHT FOCUS WEEKLY EVENING CLASSES: QUARTERSTAFF – Melbourne, Australia. 28th July to 25th August, 2017.

SCOTT WITT – COMBAT AND PROPRIOCEPTION – Melbourne, Australia.  2nd and 3rd September 2017

PERFORMANCE CAPTURE INTENSIVE 2017 – Portsmouth, U.K..  10th – 14th July 2017.

BALLET FOR ACTORS – Melbourne, Australia.  Saturday evenings, 27th May to 1st July 2017.

FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT 2017: Action and Consequence – Melbourne, Australia.  17th to 22nd April 2017.

FIGHT FOCUS WEEKLY EVENING CLASSES: SMALLSWORD – Melbourne, Australia. 26th August to 7th October 2016 (excluding 23rd September)

FILM FIGHT ACTION WORKSHOP – London, U.K.. 28th and 29th October 2016

AUTUMN BADC INTENSIVE – London, U.K. 7th to 18th November 2016

LONDON INTENSIVE: BADC STANDARD (LEVEL ONE) COURSE 2016 – London, U.K,. 25th July to 5th August 2016

SWASHBUCKLING SUNDAY 2016 – Melbourne, Australia, Sunday 26th June 2016

PERFORMANCE CAPTURE INTENSIVE 2016 – Portsmouth, U.K., 4th – 8th July 2016

BRISTOL COMBAT WEEKENDER – Bristol, U.K. 16th and 17th July 2016

CLOSE QUARTER COMBATIVES: With Industry Expert NIGEL POULTON – Melbourne, Australia.  27th May 2016

FIGHT FOCUS – WEEKLY EVENING CLASSES: “BROADSWORD”   Melbourne, Australia.  Tuesdayevenings, 19th April – 24th May 2016

SCHTICK! – CLOWNING AND SLAPSTICK WORKSHOP WITH SCOTT WITT – Melbourne, Australia.  23rd to 25th April 2016

FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT 2016: Honour and Treachery – Melbourne, Australia, 7th to 13th March 2016


FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT: WEAPONS FEST 2015 – Melbourne, Australia, 20th – 26th April 2015

FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT: WEEKENDER 2015 – Melbourne, Australia, 16th and 17th May 2015

FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT: FIGHTING FOR FILM 2015 – Melbourne, Australia, 23rd and 24th May 2015

PERFORMANCE CAPTURE INTENSIVE 2015 – Portsmouth, U.K., 6th – 10th July 2015

‘MOCAP’ MASTERCLASS with CARRIE THIEL – London, U.K., 13th July 2015

FIGHTING FLIGHT WORKSHOP – Bristol, U.K., 9th August 2015.

All our classes are taught by industry professionals: directors and performers, who have stood right where you are, know what it’s like, and what can help to get you where you want to go.

If you would like to chat to someone about training in the industry, in Australia contact ; and in the UK email

For any general enquiries please do get in touch.