Training Scholarship Program

Captivate Action is thrilled to introduce our new Training Scholarship Program, now open for selected courses in Australia and the U.K.

What is it?

The mission of the Program is to expand the accessibility to training in Dramatic Combat and Movement Performance to practitioners who otherwise may be discouraged or excluded due to financial constraints, geographic location and/or other circumstances. Anyone over the age of 18 may apply, and we encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds and/or minoritised communities.

Under the Program, successful applicants will be invited to participate in specific Captivate training events with either their full or partial course fees covered (as indicated for each particular event). Our scholarship recipient will also enjoy a ‘spotlight’ profile on our website and social media platforms that showcases an overview of their work and unique skills, if they elect.

Professional training in Stage Combat and Movement Performance enables artists to broaden their range of performance, their casting options and their skillsets, and enhances physical fitness and conditioning. It also fosters meaningful connections with other industry creatives and provides opportunities for future work development. In some cases, Stage Combat and Movement training opens up new or unforeseen career trajectories, particularly for those artists interested in specialising in Stage Combat and Movement either as a performer, teacher or Fight/Movement Director.

Who may be considered for a Training Scholarship?

Access to the Training Scholarship Program is via an application process. The recipient will be selected with respect to:

– financial need;
– geographical distance from other Stage Combat or Movement Performance training opportunities (whereby the cost of travel or accommodation on top of course fees would otherwise limit participation); and/or,
– other circumstances which limit access to training opportunities.

As well as this, recipients will show demonstration of:

– ongoing contribution, involvement and commitment to a profession in the Performing Arts;
– genuine interest in and application for the skills they will learn on the relevant Captivate event;
– an open, collaborative, empathetic and passionate attitude to work in the Performing Arts Industry;
– a professional approach towards and an enthusiasm for learning.

Preference is given to those applicants who have never received any Stage Combat or Movement Performance training; however we will also consider those who have had training in the past and show a particular interest in pursuing this area of performance professionally, but who currently face barriers in this respect.

How do I apply?

Applicants are asked to provide a description as to why this program would be meaningful to them with respect to as many of the criteria listed above. Applications may be submitted either by:

– a written application (max. 250 words); or,

– submitting a short ‘talk to camera’ via private Vimeo/YouTube link or link to a DropBox or OneDrive folder (max. 1 minute) – anything filmed on a mobile device is fine

If any of these application methods pose difficulties, please get in touch to discuss how you can apply most effectively.

In addition, Applicants will need to supply:

– a current headshot;
– current CV or link to website;
– if applicable: links to any footage of your practice: eg. show reels, scene clips, workshop/training footage (max. 5 minutes);
– two referees: name, position and contact phone number.

Please email applications, supporting documents and links to:, with ‘TRAINING SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM in the subject box. Please DO NOT send video files themselves – just links to online platforms or cloud sharing platforms.

Please note, the Training Scholarship Program is available on selected Captivate Training Courses, as marked on each course description page on this website.

Please read the full TRAINING SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM TERMS AND CONDITIONS before applying, and get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns.

If you have any questions at all about the Training Scholarship Program or should this application process or structure be inaccessible for you, we encourage you to be in contact with our Director, Lyndall Grant so we can advise or make adaptations where possible. Otherwise, we look forward to receiving your application and working with you soon.


Thank you – Lyndall Grant (Company Director)