Finding Your Form – Online Focus Session

Wednesday 29th September, online via Zoom

A feel-good focus session on form and freedom of movement for stage combat and performance‘Pay What You Can’


It’s taken us this long into lockdown, but we have finally decided to offer an online class.

This session is set up to get the body moving and let you feel good!

Fight Director Lyndall Grant will share a two-hour online session with you to explore physical freedom and integrated movement… and to give you a chance to shake off some of the rubbish of the last 18 months.

The Finding Your Form session will hone in on your alignment, balance and movement patterns – taking time to indulge some of the fine details that can get lost in the activity of workshops and rehearsals. In particular we will apply this to some of the stances and footwork for swordplay and unarmed fights in stage combat. However the work we cover will also feed into opening up your general movement and vocal production, and maintaining physical longevity for all kinds of theatre performance. With an easy-going atmosphere and time in your own space, you will have the rare opportunity to make the small adjustments and subtle changes that have profound ripple effects across your practice.

While the session will be (mostly) slow-paced, we will definitely get moving – through both small and large scale actions – and you can choose to work as intensively or easily as you like. The content will draw upon influences from wu style taichi and qi gong, yoga, pilates, martial arts and other fitness exercises.

Overall by the end of the session you will feel energised and refreshed, will have progressed your craft, and will have also gained some small actions you can continue to do to advance your practice wherever you are.

This is a chance to regroup, explore and give time to the little things that make all the difference.


This session will journey towards the context of swordplay and unarmed stage combat techniques. However, the movement and techniques we will use will apply to any performance area and to anyone who would just like to get their bodies moving. For stage combat students of any experience, this is work that should be central to your craft and constantly revisited. So – anyone from any background will find something of benefit.


Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane: Wednesday 29th September 6:30pm – 8:30pm

British Summer Time (GMT+1) – London: Wednesday 29th September 9:30am – 11:30am


We’re on zoom! So wherever you like. It is helpful to have enough space to lunge in any direction, where you won’t hit furniture, fittings, other humans or pets.


This session is a special goodwill Pay What You Can price, in acknowledgement of just what a rough year a lot of us have had.

You are genuinely invited to pay only what you can afford right now (with no embarrassment if that is ‘nothing’).

If you’re after a ‘guide’ price, this workshop would normally be AUD $45 / UK £24.

Participants will be invited to make their contributions after the session.


In a first-ever experience, this workshop is open to participants all over the world! We are looking forward to joining up with the Captivate family everywhere.

To book your spot, just fill out our online registration form (for the workshop fee just type PWYC). We will email you the zoom link the day before the session.


If you do not receive a reply within 2 business days, check your junk mail, and then get in touch.


Instructions for how to perform each move safely will be given throughout the session, including modifications for increased/decreased degrees of difficulty. However, the instructor will be unable to observe every student at every moment. Therefore, each participant will be responsible for their own safety (and that of those around them) at all times – and are always invited to choose which exercises they will or will not join. Each participant is encouraged to ask for guidance if they are ever unsure.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!