‘Mo-Cap 101’ Workshop

One-day Tailored Session

This workshop is a day’s training and exploration in Performance Capture or ‘Motion Capture’ just for you.  We arrange this workshop on request specifically for individuals or small groups – including creatives, casts and individual performers.

With the CCi Motion Capture team at the University of Portsmouth, ‘Mo-cap 101’ gives you the luxury of the studio and a Captivate specialist tutor all to yourself and your group.

Each workshop is tailored specifically to each group, for you what need for your field or project, with plenty of time for questions and exploration.  For beginners who are new to Performance Capture, the team takes you through the capture process from the set-up and technical overview, to putting on a mo-cap suit and performing.  Experienced performers can have the chance for further R&D, coaching and exploration.

For directors who would like to work in this field, we can offer a range of consultancy and demonstration services about the technology and its applications; as well as giving you the opportunity to work with performers or get into the suit yourself.

The aim of the session is to give you the experience you are looking for the next time you step into Performance Capture work.

If you would like to book a MOCAP 101 session, please email lyndall@captivate-action.com

  • photo: Gabrielle Moleta, Amir Giles.  University of Portsmouth Cci Motion Capture
  • photographer: Ben Porter