Training Scholarship Program: Terms and Conditions

We’re thrilled that you’re considering applying for our Training Scholarship Program.

Before you apply, please make sure you have read and understand all of these Terms and Conditions for our Training Scholarship Program, and get in touch with us if you have any questions.

1. A Training Scholarship is offered only for specified Captivate training events, as indicated on the description of that event on this website. The description will also note whether the Training Scholarship is for the full amount of the course fees, or a partial amount. In most cases only one Training Scholarship will be offered per event; however in exceptional circumstances more than one Training Scholarship per event may be offered.

2. It is at the discretion of Captivate Action Ltd. (U.K.) and Captivate Action Pty. Ltd. (Australia) as to the events on which a Training Scholarship is offered. Captivate Action is under no obligation to repeat the offer of a Training Scholarship on future similar events, nor to offer a Training Scholarship to any of its events in a given time period.

3. Receipt of a Training Scholarship is through an application process, whereby selection is made by our Company Directors based on the criteria listed on the Training Scholarship Program page, and this decision is final. All applications must be received by the application deadline for each training event. If an applicant wishes to provide further information after they have made a submission or alter their submission, they may do so up until the application deadline.

4. The Training Scholarship Program is established to increase accessibility to Stage Combat and Movement Performance training – as such, if the application process presents a barrier or hindrance to an individual applying, please get in touch with our Company Directors to discuss an alternative arrangement. An applicant may enlist an advocate to assist them in this process. Please also describe any additional learning support that may be required.

5. To be considered for a Training Scholarship, each participant must submit a new application for each eligible Captivate event they wish to join. Applications will not be automatically ‘carried over’ from previous events. However, individuals are encouraged to apply on repeat occasions for new events if they have not yet been successful in receiving a Training Scholarship – in which case applicants are encouraged to discuss with our Company Directors whether their application needs revision, or whether specific criteria are not being met.

6. Captivate Action is under no obligation to offer a Training Scholarship to any applicant for a particular event, if no application is deemed to have met the selection criteria to a level that satisfies our Company Directors.

7. Each individual may receive only one Training Scholarship, unless otherwise indicated by our Company Directors.

8. Applicants must be available for the entire training event for which they are applying for a Training Scholarship.

9. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application, successful or otherwise, prior to the start of the event for which they have applied. Unsuccessful applicants are invited to seek advice and feedback as to why they were not successful in their application on a particular occasion.

10. Successful recipients of a Training Scholarship are asked to confirm their attendance on the event as soon as possible (and at least one week prior to the start of the event) and complete an online Course Registration Form for the event.

11. Each recipient of a Training Scholarship must have read and understood the general Course Terms and Conditions for any Captivate Action training event, as acceptance of the Training Scholarship and attendance on the event indicates an acceptance of these Course Terms and Conditions. If a recipient breaches the Course Terms and Conditions to the extent that they are asked to leave the training event, they forfeit their Training Scholarship hold no entitlement to a monetary payout or deferment of the scholarship to a future event.

12. If a recipient cannot attend an event for which they have been offered a Training Scholarship they are asked to notify Captivate Action as soon as possible. In some cases a deferment of the Training Scholarship to a subsequent similar event may be possible, however this is not guaranteed and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. In most circumstances it is not practical for a recipient to attend only ‘part’ of a follow-up course under a deferment of their Training Scholarship. If a recipient does not or cannot attend any or all of an event for which they have been offered a Training Scholarship, they hold no entitlement to any monetary payout as recompense. If a recipient does not provide Captivate Action with a reasonable explanation for non-attendance, they will not be offered a deferment of the Training Scholarship to a future event; and furthermore they will be asked not to apply for future Training Scholarships.

13. It is at the discretion of each recipient of a Training Scholarship as to whether they wish to be identified as a Scholarship Recipient within the class and/or publicly. The offer of a ‘spotlight’ on our website and social media is there for promotion of the recipient’s work if they feel this would be beneficial for their own gain, however it is not at all mandatory. Each individual has a right to ‘sign off’ on any material released regarding their status as a Scholarship Recipient. Each individual is also afforded the same general Media Release rights as all of our event participants, and will receive the same Media Release permission form that we provide to each participant prior to each event.

14. Captivate Action Pty. Ltd. and Captivate Action Ltd. are not registered charities, and do not claim the expense of the Training Scholarship Program for any financial recompense.

Please get in touch with us if you would like any advice on your application. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon.