Training your cast

Captivate will train your cast members for working in Performance Capture (Motion Capture), by tailoring a programme to fit exactly what you need for your project.

This could be:

An initial introduction to ‘mo-cap’ – how it works, the ROMS and T-Poses, how to bring out the best performance, and how an actor can make life easier for the technical department;

In-depth training in physical skills as they apply to performance capture, both for safety and performance.  For example:

Combat, action and martial arts
Swordplay and weapon work
Character and creature creation
Animal transformation
Movement and physical story-telling
Acrobatics, tricking and circus skills
Aerial skills

The aim is to create a personalised training programme that allows the best performances and smooth technical running on the day.

For further information on how we could work with your cast in Motion Capture training please email our Company Director Lyndall:

You are also welcome to book members of your cast on our Mo-cap 101′ Workshop and Performance Capture Intensive Course.